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 The service that exactly matches your requirements

Azure’s personal chauffeur service combines the following to create an experience that exactly matches your requirements:-

  • Your chauffeur will be the proprietor of Azure: David Keffler, who delivers a first-class chauffeur service to those for whom only the best is good enough. Please follow this link for more details about him: Your Chauffeur

  • David will create a bespoke itinerary that precisely meets your wishes. And because he will be your chauffeur, he will know and fulfil every aspect of your requirements from your first contact with Azure.

  • Azure has been delivering personal chauffeur services since 2011. This has allowed it to build-up a wealth of experience in many areas, from which you will benefit. The types of work Azure has performed and in which you may be interested are set out below.


 Personal Chauffeur services provided by Azure

Azure has performed a wide range of personal chauffeur services; so you can be confident that David will deliver your exact requirements. These have included:-

 Special Occasions:
such as Proms, Christmas/Boxing Day transport, birthdays, anniversaries, shopping trips into London, honeymoon transfers, award ceremonies, graduations, experience days and VIP treatment for visitors.

Corporate chauffeur:
David drives for several CEO’s on a regular basis, who use Azure because of his attention to detail and the capability of his BMW X5. Please follow this link to find out more about his car: Azure’s BMW X5

 Sporting events: 
such as Royal Ascot & The Cheltenham Festival. Clients use Azure year after year for events such as these because they can rely on David to focus on them exclusively for that day.  

 Airport Meet & Greet:
Clients use Azure either for themselves or their special visitors because they know that David will be there to meet and greet them in the Arrivals Hall and then take care of them until they arrive at their destination. So that before they even arrive at their house or hotel they have been made to feel very welcome. Hotels that use Azure on a regular basis because of David’s personal bespoke approach can be found by following this link: The Hotels I work with

 Winter weather:
Azure has one of the very few four-wheel-drive vehicles licensed for personal chauffeur work in the UK. This has meant that David has been called-upon on many occasions to provide chauffeur-driven transport in conditions when other vehicles were not able to operate.
Please follow this link to find out more about his car: Azure’s BMW X5

Please follow this link to find out about Azure’s unique offering in this areas: Azure Luxury Tours

For testimonials from some well known clients and some less-so, please follow this link: Personal Chauffeur Testimonials

Clients of Azure Luxury Cars

Clients of Azure Luxury Cars have included:

  • Royalty, including the reigning King and Queen of a European country

  • A British Army General

  • Celebrities of film and stage

  • CEO’s of major companies

  • Business consultants

  • People from the USA, who land at private airports in their own jets

  • Elderly people who benefit from the ease of access to Azure’s BMW

  • Groups of up to 4 tourists who travel with luggage for a 2 week break and need the carrying capacity and luxury of Azure’s BMW X5

And here is someone Azure drove for on behalf of the Jockey Club at Cheltenham Racecourse...

"Thank you for looking after me on the journeys to and from the racecourse and for the Azure Notebook. I've started using it already for the notes I made at the weekend's coaching workshops" Judy Murray, Tennis Coach

For more testimonials from other well known clients and some less-so, please follow this link: Personal Chauffeur Testimonials

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